Asset Management Company

  • Research funds, monitor performance and holdings by categories, and track funds.
  • Compare and evaluate funds using our proprietary categories, screening tools and manager database.

Online Trading Platform

  • Generate custom fund profiles through our mutual funds, ETFs and closed-end funds data feed.
  • Expand your content offerings with the help of our pre-defined lists and tables by proprietary categories, investment style and investment metrics.

Wealth Management or Private Banking

  • Profile, compare and select funds using our data, categories, and screening tools.
  • Gain insights in the fund's investment process through our structured 1,000+ manager Q&A profiles.
  • Personalized tools and screens to research investment strategies, improve asset allocation, and analyze model portfolios.

Advisor Network

  • Create your workstation using our data feed, profiles, charting tools and return tables.

Independent Advisor

  • Develop a better understanding of the fund’s investment objectives, process and returns with the help of our proprietary fund description and profiles.
  • Use our pre-defined performance tables and screens to identify funds that meet your criteria.
  • Communicate information with your clients using our sharing and reporting tools.

Individual Investor

  • Evaluate investment strategies, compare funds, and screen funds that meet your risk parameters and investment objectives.


  • Publish unique investment content focused on mutual funds, closed-end funds, and ETFs.
  • Generate performance tables by categories, strategies, investment objectives or geographic focus.

Academic Institution

  • Develop teaching materials with the help of our task-based data and tools.
  • Make available in-depth fund data, profiles and screening tools to the student community.

Research Organization

  • Research funds, strategies, performance and categories with the help of reliable, verified, and timely data.

Investment Association

  • Customize fund data and profiles for your members using our fund categories, lists and tables.
  • Offer custom dataset, layout, profiles, tools, and alerts to your community.