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Consistent and Patient in Global Real Estate Investing

Mid-Cap > Growth

OMGCX Date - May 5, 2019

Real estate investments require patience given the multi-year nature of opportunities, according to Frank Haggerty, portfolio manager of the Virtus Duff & Phelps Global Real Estate Securities Fund. With a consistent approach to security selection, a structured process and an experienced team, the fund focuses on companies with above-average cash

Mid Caps with Dividends

Multi-Cap > Growth

EKORX Date - Dec 12, 2014

Mid cap companies offer the stability of large companies and the information opportunity of smaller cap companies. Especially, companies that pay regular dividends also bring additional financial discipline which is lacking in general. Don Wordell and his team research companies that are trading at their low end of expectations based

Relative Values in Senior Secured Loans

Real Estate > NA

FGREX Date - Aug 8, 2013

Leveraged loans are issued by companies that also issue high yield bonds. Investing in high yield requires a deep understanding of a company, the industry, and fixed-income investing. George Goudelias and his team of researchers look for loans issued by large companies that offer strong fundamentals and better downside protection.

Diversified Commercial REITs

Science-Technology > NA

FELTX Date - Dec 12, 2012

Commercial real estate spans from industrial properties to recreation and healthcare facilities, residential buildings and regional malls. Geoffrey Dybas, portfolio manager of the Virtus Real Estate Securities Fund, explains how this varied and segmented asset class provides investors with a unique opportunity to diversify their portfolios away from correlation with

Leaders in Emerging Markets

Multi-Cap > Value

FAIRX Date - Sep 9, 2010

Investing in emerging markets does not have to be high-risk investing. With proper temperament and investment discipline, emerging markets can generate higher-than-average returns. Rajiv Jain of the Virtus Emerging Markets Opportunities Fund looks for companies that have predictable business models and protects his downside by acquiring these companies when they

Across the Spectrum

Health-Biotechnology > NA

FACDX Date - May 5, 2010

The idea of diversification typically implies spreading assets across a selection of stocks and bonds. Portfolio manager Alan Gayle reveals how RidgeWorth Allocation Strategies achieve diversification by taking into account business and economic cycles as well as the full risk spectrum.

Dividends, Valuation and Fundamentals

Multi-Cap > Growth

EKORX Date - May 5, 2009

Even in the current environment, there are opportunities providing solid return with low risk, according to Don Wordell, the manager of RidgeWorth Mid-Cap Value Equity Fund. With an approach based on dividends, valuation, and fundamentals, his fund has been able to avoid many of the recent disasters, mainly due to

Quality in Small Caps

Multi-Cap > Growth

EKONX Date - Apr 4, 2009

The Virtus Quality Small-Cap Fund seeks long-term capital appreciation by investing in small-cap value companies believed to be undervalued relative to their future growth potential. The Fund managers look for high-quality companies with a sustainable competitive advantage, disciplined shareholder value oriented management, and solid financial strength that have the opportunity

Fundamentally Rooted

Science-Technology > NA

DGVRX Date - May 5, 2006

The Phoenix Small-Cap Growth Fund digs into the small-cap universe in search of the next Wal-Mart. The fund uses a fundamental process and clearly defined criteria, looking for companies with high EPS growth foreseeable for the next five years, high return on invested capital (ROIC), and sustainability. Portfolio managers Yossi

A Smooth Small-Cap Ride

Small-Cap > Growth

DFCIX Date - Nov 11, 2005

Consistency and efficiency are key words in the strategy of the STI Classic Small Cap Growth Stock Fund. Its management doesn't like taking huge bets on individual sectors and stocks and the respective volatility. Instead, the Fund spreads the risk across a wide universe of sectors and more than 200
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