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Concentrated in High Quality with High Conviction

Infrastructure > NA

OQGIX Date - Aug 8, 2020

Concentrated, high-conviction portfolios require a deep understanding of each investment. For Don Huber, portfolio manager of the Franklin International Growth

Pursuing Growth Opportunities in Japan

Infrastructure > NA

OQGCX Date - Jul 7, 2020

Japan has a multitude of globally competitive enterprises and ranks among the leaders in factory automation, robotics, vehicle manufacturing and

Diversification through China A-Shares

Infrastructure > NA

OQGAX Date - Jun 6, 2020

Chinese stocks have been on the radar of large investors around the world, but in the past access to these

Global Profit Cycle Hunting

Large-Cap > Growth

OPTIX Date - May 5, 2020

At the helm of the Artisan Global Opportunities Fund, portfolio manager Jim Hamel seeks to build a high-conviction portfolio of

Active Stock Selection Using Multi-Factor Models

Large-Cap > Growth

OPTFX Date - Apr 4, 2020

The large-cap core space is a key holding for individual investors, often representing 40% of their portfolios. That’s why Pankaj

International Compounders

Small-Cap > Growth

OPOCX Date - Apr 4, 2020

The fragile structure of financial markets often leaves them exposed to unpredictable swings, which at times can be rather extreme.

Balancing Investable Growth and Principal Protection

Small-Cap > Value

AASRX Date - Mar 3, 2020

Balance does not mean being conservative. For Thomas Plumb, founder and manager of Plumb Balanced Fund, it means balancing the

Timing Closed-End Fund Discounts for Alpha

Small-Cap > Core

ETMGX Date - Mar 3, 2020

The inherent inefficiency of closed-end funds provides opportunities for RiverNorth, one of the largest institutional investors in the space, to

Seeking the Highest Quality Return Stream

Multi-Cap > Growth

AGFIX Date - Feb 2, 2020

Voya Intermediate Bond Fund runs a highly diversified portfolio, with a minimum of 80% invested in investment grade and the

Income Stability with Principal Safety

Large-Cap > Core

AFDRX Date - Jan 1, 2020

Fixed-income managers tend to have a narrow mandate and a clear focus on specific areas. In contrast, Thornburg

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