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Wells Fargo Enterprise Fund

Michael Smith, the manager of Wells Fargo Enterprise Fund, believes in the power of long-term compounding. The fund invests only in companies on the right side of change, or businesses that are able to grow through increasing their customer base, their prices or their offering. Focused on stock selection, the team balances between secular and idiosyncratic growth, while being sensitive to risk and aiming at consistency of returns

766 M

Wells Fargo Specialized Technology Fund

Managing a tech fund out of San Francisco has indisputable advantages owing to the eco system of information on new advances in technology. At the helm of the Wells Fargo Specialized Technology Fund, Walter Price invests in leaders with a portfolio focused on growth, value and GARP stocks in which the path to profitability is clear and the profit potential is substantial.

$433 million

Wells Fargo C&B Mid Cap Value Fund

Even companies with sustainable business models are not immune to business cycles and short-term challenges. Investors tend to be quick to sell these stocks as soon as the first cyclical downturn looms large or when companies disappoint. Michael Meyer, portfolio manager of the Wells Fargo C&B Mid Cap Value Fund, employs a strategy that enables patient investors to ride out business cycles and benefit from growing earnings profiles, especially of companies with a track record of efficient capital allocation.

$277 million

Wells Fargo High Yield Bond Fund

Over the last three decades, the high yield bond market has become significantly deeper as securities in this space of the fixed-income universe have become more acceptable as a way to diversify portfolios. With sharp declines in interest rates and increased liquidity, the scale of investment opportunity has also narrowed. Margaret Patel, portfolio manager of the Wells Fargo High Yield Bond Fund, unearths investment opportunities by consistently selecting industry sectors first and corporate securities second. 

$571 million

Wells Fargo Advantage Strategic Municipal Bond Fund

Mostly because of their relative safety and tax-free status, municipal bonds have found a well-deserved position in investors’ portfolios. However, this asset class still needs a keen eye for quality and an organization with deep research capabilities in order to deliver. The portfolio managers of the Wells Fargo Advantage Strategic Municipal Bond Fund explain how they seek to deliver excess performance to the benchmark adjusted for volatility and interest rate sensitivity risks.

Wells Fargo Advantage Large Cap Core Fund

Large and medium-sized companies have come to dominate many industries in the U.S. economy to a degree that the widely-followed S&P 500 Index has incorporated companies in both market cap segments. With a mixture of qualitative and quantitative work, Jeff Moser, senior portfolio manager of the Wells Fargo Advantage Large Cap Core Fund, and his team focus on investing in only 50 undervalued companies with approximate equal representation in the portfolio.

Wells Fargo Advantage Special Small Cap Value Fund

Rarely do investors expand much beyond earnings analysis, and even fewer will search for undiscovered strength in balance sheets. Jim Tringas and Bryant VanCronkhite, portfolio managers of the Wells Fargo Advantage Special Small Cap Value Fund, scrutinize balance sheets to find hidden values that are yet to be recognized in the market.

Wells Fargo Advantage Special Mid Cap Value Fund

Investors relying on standard financial statements may underappreciate the true cash flow potential of a company. Bryant VanCronkhite and Jim Tringas, portfolio managers of the Wells Fargo Advantage Special Mid Cap Value Fund, leverage their accounting background to recast GAAP-based financials in order to obtain a better understanding of a company’s long-term cash flow potential. By using strict risk control measures, the investment team maintains a portfolio of 60 names in the mid-cap segment of the market. 

Wells Fargo Advantage High Yield Bond Fund

Investing in high yield bonds can be rewarding when spread across various bonds in different industries and held for longer than three years. Niklas Nordenfelt and Phillip Susser look for companies that not only offer upside but also provide significant downside protection in difficult market conditions.

Wells Fargo Advantage Asia Pacific Fund

While most investors tend to go with the flow when exploring the Asian markets, the Wells Fargo Advantage Asia Pacific Fund is using every tool at its disposal to get in early on new investment ideas. In order to take advantage of all the opportunities in developed and emerging Asian countries, portfolio manager Anthony Cragg seeks both growth and value situations, as well as larger- and smaller-cap stocks.

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