Voya Funds (10) 367 Familes, 1004 Interview Based Profiles

Voya Intermediate Bond Fund

Voya Intermediate Bond Fund runs a highly diversified portfolio, with a minimum of 80% invested in investment grade and the rest of the holdings spread among bank loans, mortgage backed securities and below investment grade bonds. Lead portfolio manager Matt Toms stresses the importance of deep knowledge and collaborative culture for a better understanding of global trends and individual opportunities.

$8.2 billion

Voya Securitized Credit Fund

Recognizing that securitized credit markets can and do rapidly change, Dave S. Goodson, portfolio manager of Voya Securitized Credit Fund, stresses the importance of a dynamic approach, nimbleness and diversification to generate steady returns through the cycle. Investing across the entire spectrum of securitized credit, the fund relies on its long-term team expertise, on balancing the top-down and bottom-up perspectives, and on keeping risk management at the forefront.

$539 million

Voya Strategic Income Opportunities Fund

In the vast global bond markets, different segments have different risk-return profiles. Matthew Toms, portfolio manager of the Voya Strategic Income Opportunities Fund, and a team of researchers select securities that offer superior risk/reward ratios as they allocate capital to fixed-income segments based on rigorous macro economic analysis. 

$236 million

Voya SmallCap Opportunities Fund

One of the common characteristics of smaller companies is the combination of a limited product portfolio with infrequent access to capital markets. What is more, investors are prone to sell small-cap stocks first and ask questions later at the slightest hint of distress. Portfolio manager Jim Hasso and a team of analysts at the Voya SmallCap Opportunities Fund look for out-of-favor companies with the help of a consistent sector-neutral approach spanning several market cycles. 

$928 million

Voya Global Perspectives Fund

Portfolios that are not properly diversified between stocks and bonds are likely to suffer from extended periods of sub-par or even negative returns. Douglas Coté and Karyn Cavanaugh, portfolio managers of the Voya Global Perspectives Fund, adhere to this principle by varying the allocation between the two asset classes based on earnings growth as a catalyst for consistency.

Voya Intermediate Bond Fund

A diversified fixed-income portfolio of corporate and government agency bonds generally provides better balance between risks and returns. Matt Toms explains how the portfolio team of the Voya Intermediate Bond Fund benefits from the input of a dedicated team of analysts following debt securities that range from investment grade corporate bonds to emerging market debt. 


$8.2 billion

ING Intermediate Bond Fund

Fixed income securities are issued by governments and corporations of varying financial health with differing maturities. Researching these securities in various sectors demands in-depth research. Matt Toms and his team of managers and analysts look to strike the right balance among various classes of securities that offer the best upside potential and least downside risk.

ING Senior Income Fund

Bank loans are a specialized asset class and require an expertise in understanding credit, collateral and loan documentation. Unlike other investment managers, ING has completely segregated its loan investment group from its high yield bond investment group, thereby eliminating any inherent public/private conflict.

ING Intermediate Bond Fund

One of the intricacies of the bond market is that it comprises several segments with varying and changing risk profiles. The portfolio management team of the ING Intermediate Bond Fund adheres to a risk-controlled strategy in search of changing opportunities among different sectors in the bond market.

ING Global Equity Dividend Fund

Dividends are a key part of the return of an equity portfolio, according to the managers of the ING Global Equity Dividend, as they provide smoother and more sustainable growth. But finding the right companies remains crucial as running a high-conviction portfolio, where every stock has equal weight. Constrained only by the yield and its sustainability, the fund can invest in any part of the world and any sector to achieve growth with lower risk.