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Thornburg International Growth Fund

In a globalized economy, secular growth trends find their way to more than one market. Thornburg International Growth Fund was created with the aim to provide exposure to these growth trends outside of the U.S. Portfolio managers Greg Dunn and Sean Sun employ a consistent bottom-up process to seek quality companies that not only have attractive growth prospects but are also trading at reasonable valuations.

$1.4 billion

Thornburg Global Opportunities Fund

Businesses with a stable customer base and strong management are particularly attractive to investors when they are trading at a reasonable price. Vinson Walden, co-portfolio manager of the Thornburg Global Opportunities Fund, and his team follow a strict discipline in looking for these attractive stocks of superior businesses around the world. 

$2.3 billion

Thornburg Better World International Fund

Investors are increasingly looking to see that their investments have a positive effect on the world in addition to generating sound returns. However, many funds with a social agenda fail to deliver financial results or simply go out of business. Portfolio manager Rolf Kelly and his team of analysts search for companies that primarily have improving financial characteristics along with their positive contribution to society. 

$33 million

Thornburg Limited Term Income Fund

Investing in the vast and varied credit segment of the fixed-income market calls for in-depth knowledge and research resources. Lon Erickson, portfolio manager of the Thornburg Limited Term Income Fund, and his team of researchers screen for relative value among government and agency bonds, corporate bonds and select securities that offer a better risk/reward profile.

Thornburg International Growth Fund

As the world grows interconnected commerce has gone global and so are investing opportunities. Companies domestic or otherwise are finding opportunities to shift operations to best locations and search for markets around the world as technology and logistics connect all markets in new ways. Greg Dunn and Tim Cunningham along with a team of analysts look for opportunities around the world with a strict investment discipline.

$1.4 billion

Thornburg Limited Term Income Fund

As a mixture of differing maturities and varying degrees of risks, the fixed income universe is open to a range of market perceptions of those risks in line with the changing economic cycles and business environment. At the Thornburg Limited Term Income Fund, Lon Erickson and his team search for the best risk/reward profile among all types of bonds at any given time.

Thornburg Value Fund

Even though investors tend to perceive value as the upbeat aspect of an unfavorable market environment, value funds are subject to market gyrations like any other funds. Thornburg Value Fund classifies and diversifies value stocks in three categories so that the fund can develop superior returns in different market environments.

Thornburg International Value Fund

Wendy Trevisani, the co-manager of the Thornburg International Value Fund together with Bill Fries and Lei Wang, runs a focused and, yet, diversified portfolio. With no constraints on industries, capitalization sizes, or geographies, the fund looks anywhere to find value and growth potential, including the emerging markets. Its long-term bias and a global approach allow the fund to spot opportunities that others may neglect and play them in a variety of ways.

Thornburg Core Growth Fund

Growth investors have learned their lessons in the past years, according to Alex Motola, manager of Thornburg Core Growth Fund. He doesn’t try to time the market or predict which type of stocks will be hot in the future. Instead, he runs a portfolio that is diversified across the growth spectrum and focuses on the fund's core competence – picking stocks based on in-depth fundamental research.

The Three Silos

November 20, 2003

Thornburg Value Fund

There is more to Thornburg Value Fund than value. William Fries runs his top-quintile portfolio by allocating across three broad categories – basic value, consistent earners, and emerging franchises.