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Oppenheimer Limited-Term Government Fund

When advisors turn to bond funds for allocating capital based on a client’s risk profile, the primary objective is to secure principal. Krishna Memani explains how the Oppenheimer Limited Term Government Fund invests in U.S. Treasuries and agency debt, seeking to offer downside protection in addition to the safety of principal.

SteelPath Funds

The United States is going through an energy production boom with natural gas, natural gas liquids and crude oil production expected to increase dramatically in the next five years. At SteelPath Advisors, Brian Watson and his team scour the midstream sector for companies with fee-like revenues and sustainable business models in their MLP-driven stock selection.

Oppenheimer Global Opportunities Fund

Investing in growth stocks calls for a clearly defined combination of investment objectives and thematic perspectives. Frank V. Jennings and his research team at the Oppenheimer Global Opportunities Fund search for companies that can sustain their earnings and benefit from either the development of new technologies, spread of wealth, shifting demographics, or corporate restructuring.

Oppenheimer Gold and Special Minerals Fund

If technology and geology play a pivotal role in the precious metals industry, a thorough understanding of the geopolitical environment on the ground proves equally important for the savvy investor in this marketplace. Shanquan Li, portfolio manager of the Oppenheimer Gold and Special Minerals Fund, makes his selections in the sector by segregating companies based on a well-structured three-tier model.

Oppenheimer Real Estate Fund

The Oppenheimer Real Estate Fund is managed using a fundamental, research-driven approach which combines traditional equity securities analysis with access to the resources of Cornerstone Real Estate Advisers, the real estate investment advisory company that sub-advises the Fund. Fund Manager Scott Westphal believes this gives the fund a unique perspective on the marketplace as well as the ability to identify current and long-term trends.

Oppenheimer Core Bond Fund

Abond fund that doesn't particularly emphasize yield may surprise you, but this approach fits well into the philosophy of the Oppenheimer Core Bond Fund. High yields are associated with high risk, and that is something the Fund’s managers try to avoid. Different from its peers, the fund focuses on what investors expect from a core bond allocation – consistent, competitive risk-adjusted returns.

Oppenheimer MidCap Fund

John O’Hare, the manager of the Oppenheimer MidCap Fund, focuses on high quality companies with experienced management, strong financials and low debt. These are companies with the sustainable long-term advantages that make them leaders in their respective industries.

Core and Stable

September 27, 2004

Oppenheimer Main Street Fund

Managers of “core funds” strive to achieve an optimal balance between growth and value consistent with the fund’s defined risk. Finding that right balance and staying ahead of the markets requires both nimbleness...

Oppenheimer Emerging Growth Fund

Small and micro cap funds require fund managers to be risk takers and cautious at the same time. Historically, this universe of stocks is not well covered or researched by Wall Street brokers, and investors do not have enough timely information regarding these companies. The Oppenheimer Emerging Growth fund is one of the unique funds that seek emerging growth in all the right places.

Clean Sheet

December 15, 2003

Oppenheimer Value Fund

Under Chris Leavy’s leadership, The Oppenheimer Value Fund has risen from being an underachieving fund to one of the top performing large cap value funds over the past three years. He told Ticker what he believes it takes to beat the peer group year in and year out.

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