Nationwide Funds (8) 366 Familes, 993 Interview Based Profiles

Nationwide Bailard Technology & Science Fund

Investing in technology and science requires domain expertise, discipline, and a repeatable method of handling continuous information flow. Looking for winners in any environment, the portfolio managers of Nationwide Bailard Technology & Science Fund utilize a barbell approach of investing in premium growth rising stars and out-of-favor fallen angels. The fund combines systematic quantitative with fundamental methodologies, and works to leverage its Silicon Valley location and open communication company culture.

$121 million

Nationwide U.S. Small Cap Value Fund

What qualifies as cheap in the stock market will always depend on an investor’s yardstick. Even though the stock price is a combination of all possible factors, it still remains a volatile indicator, prompting investors to use a relatively stable metric when comparing thousands of companies. Jed Fogdall, portfolio manager of the Nationwide U.S. Small Cap Value Fund, relies on the dimensions of expected returns in building a portfolio of stocks with the potential of exceeding market expectations. 

$192 million

Nationwide Ziegler Equity Income Fund

Whenever markets fall in and out of love with stocks, an opportunity emerges for disciplined investors—from misconceptions about companies facing temporary problems to stocks perceived as winners for eternity. Don Nesbitt and Mikhail Alkhazov, portfolio managers of the Nationwide Ziegler Equity Income Fund, look for out-of-favor stocks with balance sheets that are strong enough to weather short-term problems and deliver dividends while investors are waiting for the market to revise its opinion. 

Nationwide HighMark Small Cap Core Fund

One of the clear advantages of investing in small caps is the opportunity that this segment of the market provides for active management. Derek Izuel and his team at the Nationwide HighMark Small Cap Core Fund seek to add value by combining in-house analytical advantage with external informational advantage in their investment process. 

Nationwide Growth Fund

An accurate evaluation of the market environment and reasonable stock price levels matter just as much as the quality of the company you invest in. Michael J. Vogelzang, portfolio manager of the Nationwide Growth Fund, and his team of analysts at Boston Advisors rely on a proprietary investment approach that takes into account all three factors.

HighMark Geneva Mid Cap Growth Fund

Growth can be evaluated in a number of ways but, most importantly, investors want to ensure that they can identify indicators of its sustainability. The investment team for the HighMark Geneva Mid Cap Growth Fund, seek companies that have solid business models, as well as management and financial strength to sustain growth and expand into new markets.

North Track Geneva Growth Fund

Geneva Growth Fund invests in US based companies with consistent records of performance, experienced management, solid earnings history, superior growth potential and market values within the cap range of the Russell Midcap Index. About 70% of the investment team's new ideas come from conferences and company visits. This bottom-up approach is supplemented with “top-down“ considerations-reviewing general economic conditions and analyzing their effect on various industries.

Classic Core Value

November 9, 2006

HighMark Value Momentum Retail A Fund

If you buy companies at appropriate valuations, you should do better than the market over time while taking less risk. This philosophy may sound simple to understand but is hard to execute. For Richard Earnest, co-manager of the HighMark Value Momentum Fund, it means conservative five-year forecasts on 700 companies, various estimates of their worth, a thorough understanding of the key issues, awareness of the downside risk, and a top-down view on the world.