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Janus Henderson Global Real Estate Fund

Globally listed real estate has many advantages, but it requires an active and selective approach toward equities, properties and markets. Greg Kuhl, portfolio manager of Janus Henderson Global Real Estate Fund, believes in forward-looking analysis, a highly concentrated portfolio of the best ideas, and the flexibility to deviate from the benchmark.

$347 million

Henderson Strategic Income Fund

The search for returns in the fixed income space often leads to excessively intricate strategies that give less priority to the core strengths of individual bonds. John Pattullo and Jenna Barnard, portfolio managers of the Henderson Strategic Income Fund, believe that a bond fund should behave like a true bond fund, with income driving returns in the traditional bond approach. The portfolio team looks for sensible income, primarily through corporate bond investing with a duration overlay.

$451 million

Healthy Value

December 12, 2012

Janus Global Life Sciences Fund

In addition to favorable demographic factors, the healthcare sector also attracts investors with the diversity of opportunities among pharmaceutical products, healthcare services and biotech innovations. Andrew Acker and his team at the Janus Global Life Science Fund apply a balanced approach to value and risk in various sub-sectors with the help of a differentiated research model.

Henderson International Opportunities Fund

In addition to proper diversification, investing in international markets calls for a well-balanced distribution of research responsibilities based on local expertise. Iain Clark and his team of portfolio managers on the Henderson International Opportunities Fund scrutinize different regions of the world to select no more than 60 stocks that meet their strict criteria for growth and financial strength.

New New Themes

October 21, 2008

Henderson Industries of the Future Fund

The Henderson Industries of the Future Fund looks for investment themes and solutions providers that solve the needs of environmental sustainability and social change. Fund manager Tim Dieppe searches for investment ideas around the world that can sustain growth for the foreseeable future. The Fund is willing to pay a price for growth in companies that can sustain high growth in the diverse areas from alternative energy to healthcare to education.

Dividend Search

February 20, 2008

Henderson Global Equity Income Fund

Investors are always surprised to learn how much of the return, even in the low-yielding U.S. market, comes from dividends. Taken on a global level, the dividend story becomes even more appealing, especially if you have the skill and the experience to benefit from it. The Henderson Global Equity Income Fund employs a rare dividend capture strategy, which allows it to hunt the globe for income opportunities, while remaining a value investor.

Henderson Global Technology Fund

To invest successfully in technology one has to have a global perspective. The technology sector is perhaps the most global in terms of both supply and demand. That’s why Ian Warmerdam, the manager of the Henderson Global Technology Fund, believes that the analysis of technology stocks cannot be done from a purely domestic perspective if you want to have the entire picture. The Fund stresses rigorous analysis, valuation and behavioral finance techniques in its bottom-up selection process.

Henderson International Opportunities Fund

Henderson Global Investors is well-known internationally but less so in the U.S. Its International Opportunities fund is set to bring the company's expertise in world markets to US investors. With a multi-manager structure, the fund has five teams that focus on specific geographic area or sector and gives them as much freedom as possible in their approach and decision-making. Ultimately, it is the stock picking that matters.

Janus Enterprise Fund

Seeking growth in an eclectic and diverse manner is part of the philosophy of the Janus mid-cap growth fund. And although this manager is able to find growth even in unusual places, such as railroads, he doesn’t like excessive risk. Diversification and moderate position sizes are key words in the risk management process, while a DCF analysis is crucial for identifying potential winners.

Small Wonders

August 13, 2004

Gartmore Micro Cap Equity Fund

Though Micro Cap sector has more than 4,000 stocks, the sector receives very little investors’ attention. Stocks in this sector have higher volatility in price, have lesser scrutiny of the analysts, and are generally not closely followed by investors. The disciplined investor with an analytical eye for growth can generate better return in the portfolio but one has to be prepared to withstand the volatility in returns.

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