Invesco Funds (22) 367 Familes, 1004 Interview Based Profiles

Invesco High Yield Fund

The high yield bond market tends to wilt at a rate that is faster than most investors can react to when economic recessions set in generating negative portfolio returns. Scott Roberts, portfolio manager of the Invesco High Yield Fund, and a team of sector based research analysts maintain a pure portfolio of high yield bonds, combining bottom-up security selection with economic outlook in order to stay ahead of credit and business cycles. 

$1.3 billion

Invesco Corporate Bond Fund

In the complex world of fixed-income investing, research capabilities play a key role in generating long-term performance. Portfolio managers Matthew Brill, Chuck Burge and Michael Hyman work actively with a global team of dedicated researchers to find securities that can steer clear of potential pitfalls. 

$1.01 billion

Invesco Growth and Income Fund

 The market and companies experience cycles—and this creates investment opportunities. Thomas Bastian and his team at the Invesco Growth and Income Fund look for out-of-favor companies that have a catalyst in place to potentially regain appreciation and generate wealth in the process for patient investors. 

Invesco Long-Short Equity Fund

Long/Short funds are now available to individual investors through mutual funds. Invesco Long/Short Equity Fund is managed by a team of managers who follow proprietary models and select a balance of longs and shorts, industry allocation and market exposure.

Invesco Global Targeted Returns Fund

Traditional stocks and bond funds generate returns that are reflective of their asset classes and are subjected to the volatility that come with the risks they take. David Millar and his team aim to provide equity like returns with half the volatility of global equities using an unconstrained research process.

Invesco Convertible Securities Fund

Financial markets are prone to periodic sell-offs and quite often how fund managers manage these market declines determine the long-term returns in funds. Convertibles offer participation in the upside and potential to avoid large parts of market downturns. Investors often overlook the fact that avoiding most of the downturn sets the stage to capture the next market uptick, but to do that on a consistent basis requires an investment process and an approach.

Invesco Equity and Income Fund

The stock market is often driven by perceptions and expectations. Investors with a long-term outlook can take advantage of companies that are going through a change that is still not visible in financial metrics. Tom Bastian and his team of researchers look for companies that are attractively valued, earning below normal levels, are under appreciated by investors, but are going through a positive change.

Invesco Floating Rate Fund

Floating rate funds invest in loans that are senior in right of payment to all other debtors and have very little duration risk. At the same time, the loans are to non-investment grade companies and will expose investors to volatility. Tom Ewald is the Senior Portfolio Manager of the Invesco Floating Rate Fund and is part of a team of seasoned loan professionals who are dedicated sector specialists and select loans based on their disciplined investment process.

Invesco Global Real Estate Income Fund

Commercial real estate securities are a $2 trillion investing opportunity. However it also requires an understanding of underlying property markets as well as the corporate capital structure and management that lead these companies. Joe Rodriguez and Darin Turner lead a team of managers and analysts to identify securities and companies around the world that offer superior relative values.

Invesco Balanced-Risk Allocation Fund

A truly balanced approach to risk may have to do away with a lot of the stereotypical notions of risks inherent in a classical balanced portfolio. Scott Wolle, portfolio manager at the Invesco Balanced-Risk Allocation Fund, highlights the importance of economic outcomes when targeting different asset classes as a way of achieving positive returns and downside protection.

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