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Goehring & Rozencwajg Resources Fund

Commodities tend to have long and deep cycles with multi-year implications for investment returns. With that in mind, the portfolio managers of the Goehring & Rozencwajg Resources Fund seek to exploit deep value investment opportunities owing to the team’s original and dedicated research in the sector.

$7 million

Nationwide Bailard Technology & Science Fund

Investing in technology and science requires domain expertise, discipline, and a repeatable method of handling continuous information flow. Looking for winners in any environment, the portfolio managers of Nationwide Bailard Technology & Science Fund utilize a barbell approach of investing in premium growth rising stars and out-of-favor fallen angels. The fund combines systematic quantitative with fundamental methodologies, and works to leverage its Silicon Valley location and open communication company culture.

$121 million

Alger Health Sciences Fund

As one of the largest sectors of the economy, healthcare continues to grow driven by demand and innovation. However, the healthcare space is far from easy to navigate due to its dependence on government regulations, an unavoidable part of innovation. Teresa McRoberts, portfolio manager of the Alger Health Sciences Fund, focuses on key new products and pursues long-term growth, while being cognizant of the idiosyncratic risks in the sector.

$205 million

Wells Fargo Specialized Technology Fund

Managing a tech fund out of San Francisco has indisputable advantages owing to the eco system of information on new advances in technology. At the helm of the Wells Fargo Specialized Technology Fund, Walter Price invests in leaders with a portfolio focused on growth, value and GARP stocks in which the path to profitability is clear and the profit potential is substantial.

$433 million