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HSBC Opportunity Fund

While stock prices ultimately follow earnings patterns, that does not necessarily happen in a straightforward way. Rayman Bovell and John Montgomery explain how the HSBC Opportunity Fund invests in companies with underappreciated earnings growth and reasonable valuations. A key differentiator of the fund is its Investment Committee structure, which supports the decision-making process with the help of a fundamental research approach. 

$166 million

Cohen & Steers MLP & Energy Opportunity Fund

Midstream companies, with their high barriers to entry and inflation-linked fees, can be described as the toll roads of the energy infrastructure. Energy is a global commodity and North America is a key part of the global value chain, making midstream a viable way to participate in trends around the globe. Tyler Rosenlicht, portfolio manager of the Cohen & Steers MLP & Energy Opportunity Fund, and his team distill the midstream space to build a conviction-based portfolio. 

$175 million

Delaware International Small Cap Fund

Stock markets tend to underestimate the duration of a positive fundamental change and the sustainability of earnings growth. Focusing on this inefficiency, the Delaware International Small Cap Fund team analyzes the factors that drive earnings growth and its duration in areas neglected by the market. Portfolio manager Gabriel Wallach and his team have long-term experience in identifying above-average growth in small caps and international markets.

$100 million

JAG Large Cap Growth Fund

Not all growth investors share the same view when it comes to the sustainability of the growth phase and its trajectory. Norman Conley, portfolio manager of JAG Large Cap Growth Fund, maintains a long-term and patient outlook as he looks for companies that generate attractive financial metrics and also find acceptance among investors. 

$62 million

Polen Growth Fund

Although the market can sometimes be out of sync with fundamentals, it is the underlying earnings growth that drives performance in the long run. Based on this philosophy, Polen Growth Fund invests in its best growth and quality ideas with an investment horizon of at least five years.

$2.2 billion

Grandeur Peak International Stalwarts Fund

While smaller companies are generally underfollowed domestically, that is even more so when it comes to investing in emerging markets. Randy Pearce, CIO of Grandeur Peak Global Advisors, and Brad Barth, portfolio manager and senior research analyst, explain how the International Stalwarts Fund benefits from the firm’s global reach and extensive research process in search of high quality companies that are still in the early stage of growth. 

$598 million

Principal International Small Company Fund

Principal International Small Company Fund avoids excessive style biases by following a process that identifies companies that are not well understood by the market. Recognizing the distinction between a good company and a good investment, portfolio manager Tiffany Lavastida explains how the management team seeks to capitalize on market inefficiencies. 

$1.02 billion

PNC International Equity Fund

PNC International Equity Fund comprises both growth and value components to gain exposure to a broad swathe of complementary investment opportunities. Martin Schulz, lead portfolio manager of the growth team, seeks companies with accelerating earnings growth, strong management teams, and stable balance sheets, while the value team looks for undervalued streams of free cash flow. The end result is a highly diversified international portfolio that aims to benefit from the best of both worlds.

$1.5 billion

William Blair Global Leaders Fund

While many portfolio managers look for high-quality companies, definitions can significantly vary. For Andrew Flynn and Kenneth McAtamney, who are at the helm of the William Blair Global Leaders Fund, high quality means companies driven by strong and sustainable value creation. With a global mandate and a long-term view, the fund looks for companies with clear leadership, internally driven growth, and a sustained competitive advantage.

$204 million

BMO LGM Emerging Markets Equity Fund

With incomes steadily growing in emerging markets, discretionary consumer spending has been on the rise as well. Portfolio manager Irina Hunter explains how the BMO LGM Emerging Markets Equity Fund scours these markets in search of companies that benefit not only from the growth in spending but also from compounding earnings at a steady pace. 

$210 million
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