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Artisan Global Opportunities Fund

At the helm of the Artisan Global Opportunities Fund, portfolio manager Jim Hamel seeks to build a high-conviction portfolio of quality growth best ideas by investing in global companies with franchise characteristics that are benefiting from accelerating profit cycles and are trading at a discount to private market value. Relying on an experienced team of industry experts and globalists for stock selection, he focuses on capital allocation to mitigate risks and deliver alpha.  

$3.1 billion

DWS Core Equity Fund

The large-cap core space is a key holding for individual investors, often representing 40% of their portfolios. That’s why Pankaj Bhatnagar, manager of DWS Core Equity Fund, believes that his role is to stay true to the benchmark and achieve steady performance in a risk-controlled manner. The fund has low correlation to its peers due to the systematic quant process and the multi-factor stock-selection model for each industry.

$3.1 billion

Invesco Oppenheimer International Small-Mid Company Fund

The fragile structure of financial markets often leaves them exposed to unpredictable swings, which at times can be rather extreme. However, a portfolio of financially strong companies with a long-term growth outlook has the potential to position investors for a smoother journey. David Nadel, portfolio manager of the Invesco Oppenheimer International Small-Mid Company Fund, relies on a proprietary investment process in finding companies with such characteristics that meet the fund’s rigorous investment criteria and compound returns for investors.

$5.9 billion

Plumb Balanced Fund

Balance does not mean being conservative. For Thomas Plumb, founder and manager of Plumb Balanced Fund, it means balancing the risk and the return potential by staying true to the asset allocation structure as the best risk control tactic. Identifying significant global trends, the fund invests about 65% of its assets in companies that will benefit from these changes owing to their business models and sustainable advantages. The rest of the portfolio consists of bonds that serve to moderate the volatility of the stock market.

$77 million

RiverNorth Core Opportunity Fund

The inherent inefficiency of closed-end funds provides opportunities for RiverNorth, one of the largest institutional investors in the space, to take advantage of discounts, premiums and dislocations. Patrick Galley, portfolio manager of the RiverNorth Core Opportunity Fund, has the flexibility to invest across all asset classes and build a diversified mix of closed-end funds and ETFs. While the fund doesn’t time the markets, it adds alpha through timing the discounts.

$104 million

Voya Intermediate Bond Fund

Voya Intermediate Bond Fund runs a highly diversified portfolio, with a minimum of 80% invested in investment grade and the rest of the holdings spread among bank loans, mortgage backed securities and below investment grade bonds. Lead portfolio manager Matt Toms stresses the importance of deep knowledge and collaborative culture for a better understanding of global trends and individual opportunities.

$8.2 billion

Thornburg Limited Term Income Fund

Fixed-income managers tend to have a narrow mandate and a clear focus on specific areas. In contrast, Thornburg Limited Term Income Fund covers the entire taxable fixed-income universe to find relative value. Lon Erickson, co-manager of the fund, stresses the importance of risk/reward evaluation within safety of the principal and income stability.

$5.8 billion

Principal SmallCap Fund

Although financial markets are inherently fragile, companies that provide improving customer experience through positive change are bound to generate wealth for shareholders. Philip Nordhus, portfolio manager of the Principal SmallCap Fund, and a team of analysts look to identify early on companies with such characteristics and with the potential to generate enduring growth rates and profitability.

$700 million

Delaware Smid Cap Growth Fund

As disruptive change can create a new set of winners, shareholders can find it rewarding to invest early in such leaders with long secular trends. Alex Ely, portfolio manager of the Delaware Smid Cap Growth Fund, and a team of analysts follow a disciplined process to identify a list of likely long-term disruption winners for their concentrated portfolio.

$1.8 billion

FAM Dividend Focus Fund

While most dividend strategies focus on the same pool of large-cap companies, the FAM Dividend Focus Fund takes a different approach, with more exposure to the mid-cap space, where companies and dividends tend to grow faster. Running a concentrated portfolio of only about 30 names, fund manager Paul Hogan stresses the importance of selecting competitive, financially sound businesses and holding the winners for the long term.

$454 million
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