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Russell U.S. Small Cap Equity Fund

With thousands of companies to consider in the small-cap universe, many of the single-manager funds find it increasingly difficult to exploit the full range of opportunities in this segment of the market. Megan Roach explains how a multi-manager investment model built around best-in-class managers and appropriate risk control helps Russell Investments’ U.S. Small Cap Equity Fund provide investors with solutions for a broader range of outcomes.

$1.8 billion

Russell Global Opportunistic Credit Fund

Investing in emerging markets requires a dedicated focus and specialized resources when evaluating sovereign and high yield corporate bonds. Keith Brakebill, portfolio manager of the Russell Global Opportunistic Credit Fund, seeks to benefit from greater exposure to credit risk by allocating capital in the fund to six specialized managers who have proven records of style and consistency. 


$2.1 billion

Russell Investment Grade Bond Fund

While investors use core bond funds as a way to diversify from the equity portion in their portfolios, they tend to move away from the core investing mission to bonds in emerging markets and in the high yield spectrum. Keith Brakebill explains how the Russell Investment Grade Bond Fund stays focused on its relatively conservative roots by investing in domestic and international investment-grade bonds only.

$1.2 billion

Russell Strategic Bond Fund

A multi-manager approach to investing is generally expected to offer lower volatility and a higher degree of predictability of returns in the long term. Gerard Fitzpatrick, portfolio manager of the Russell Strategic Bond Fund, highlights the allocation of capital to a carefully chosen group of managers to generate better-than-market returns in line with the investment goals of the fund.

Russell Short Duration Bond Fund

Two or more may be better than one, when it comes to money managers. The Russell Short Duration Bond Fund currently allocates its assets to two money managers with the goal of delivering consistent returns despite market volatility.

Russell LifePoints Eq Growth Strategy Fund

Russell’s LifePoints Funds – available in two series: Target Portfolio Funds and Target Date Funds – are primarily geared towards investors planning their retirement. The Target Date Series is designed for investors who prefer to base their investment decision on their expected retirement date and the Target Portfolio Series is aimed at those investors who want to base their decision on risk tolerance.


Since the 80s Russell indexes have proven to be reliable style-adjusted benchmarks in the equity universe. Russell's popularity among investors keeps growing thanks to a clearly defined index-building philosophy...

Russell Real Estate Securities Fund

Russell goes to real estate in the typical Russell style. Instead of building a portfolio of REIT stocks, Bruce Eidelson and his team look for the best blend of real estate fund managers. The head of the Real Estate Securities Fund told Ticker how no sector is too small to benefit from Russell’s trademark multi-manager approach.