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One Bond at a Time

February 4, 2016

Dreyfus/Standish Global Fixed Income Fund

The fixed-income market is vast and varied, and investing in this field requires deep resources and long experience. Raman Srivastava and his team of analysts at the Dreyfus/Standish Global Fixed Income Fund look for investment opportunities in various classes of bonds—from sovereign to corporate, from developed to emerging markets—in order to maintain a portfolio of high quality liquid securities designed to achieve higher risk-adjusted returns.

$2.1 billion

Dreyfus’ Dynamic Total Return Fund

Traditionally investors have been encouraged to diversify portfolio between stocks and bonds with 60/40 allocation. Dreyfus’ Dynamic Total Return Fund takes that process further and can diversify across many asset classes to generate equity like returns. With the strong overlay of risk management tools, the fund seeks to limit downside and remains focused on delivering superior outcome to benchmarks.

Dreyfus Global Real Return Fund

A global approach to investing offers a unique perspective and a greater appreciation of broader, long-term themes. Suzanne Hutchins at Newton combines critical analysis, a holistic global approach in asset allocation and securities selection in a fund that seeks to achieve positive inflation-adjusted returns over the longer term.

Dreyfus Global Equity Income Fund

We believe a broad, global perspective on investment opportunities and risk is of paramount importance to investors, particularly in the current volatile investment environment. At Newton, our global thematic investment process provides this perspective, guiding our research analysts and investment managers. The global equity income team uses this process to construct actively managed portfolios aligned with long-term objectives and focused upon high quality income generating holdings.

Dreyfus Opportunistic Fixed Income Fund

With bond yields near historic lows investors are seeking alternative fixed income strategies to achieve target returns. David Horsfall and his team of managers seek to deliver high risk-adjusted absolute returns independent of market cycles through active sector rotation and duration management. Without strict benchmark guidelines to adhere to, they can hunt for opportunities around the world and move quickly to take advantage of market dislocations.

Dreyfus Mid Cap Opportunistic Value Fund

Over the past several years, investors and advisors have largely been ignoring U.S. mid cap equities, often at their own peril. It is in this untapped segment of compelling opportunities where David Daglio and his team are finding some of their most promising ideas. They do this through a rigorous analysis of intrinsic value, fundamental research, prudent risk management — and plenty of patience.

Dreyfus Intermediate Term Income Fund

The global fixed income market is huge and well diversified to offer a number of investment opportunities to investors seeking to benefit from capital appreciation and current income. David Bowser, portfolio manager of Dreyfus Intermediate Term Income Fund, looks for opportunities through sector rotation and securities selection in the investment grade segment.

Dreyfus Premier Technology Growth Fund

After being decimated in a bear market, the Dreyfus Premier Technology Growth Fund has worked its way back to the tenth spot for five-year performance in the specialty tech category with an average return of 5.76%. Lead manager Mark Herskovitz believes tech has matured; yet opportunities remain, particularly in healthcare.