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Columbia Small Cap Value Fund I

Smaller companies do not always enjoy access to capital markets, suffering at times from lack of interest from investors, and all too often their disapproval. Even small caps with strong cash flows, solid balance sheets, and serious growth potential may be out of favor if investors are not satisfied with the generated rate of returns. Jeremy Javidi, portfolio manager of the Columbia Small Cap Value Fund I, focuses on exploiting this oversight by building a portfolio of companies with such characteristics. 

$595 million

Columbia Strategic Income Fund

Investing in bonds may provide stable income and safety of principal as long as the correlation between risks and cycles is properly assessed. Gene Tannuzzo and the multi-sector team at the Columbia Strategic Income Fund maintain a bond portfolio based on fundamental research with an embedded risk analysis in their investment process.

Columbia Small Cap Growth Fund

Small-cap growth investing poses specific challenges to investors, such as higher volatility, lower liquidity, and less readily available information. Ken Korngiebel, the manager of Columbia Small Cap Growth Fund I, believes that the crucial factors for success include a longer-term horizon, a research team with diversified perspectives, valuation of both upside and downside potential, and risk management in which every bet is intentional.

Excelsior Small Cap Fund

Successful investing is often associated with the skill of making good predictions on the market. In pursuit of reading the future many investors apply strategies based on their knowledge and intuition. Douglas Pyle, who is at the helm of the Excelsior Small Cap Fund, has automated...

Excelsior Value & Restructuring Fund

A large number of portfolio managers are yielding the effort to identify the materialization of their investment philosophy to automated screening methods and formulas. David Williams, the manager of the Excelsior Value and Restructuring Fund, is bucking the preset style by making the best use of his instinctive sense of value and...

AXP Diversified Equity Income Fund

Two universal facts about human nature often stand in the way when it comes to making the right investment decision: Nobody finds it easy to bet against the consensus and nobody wants to do it alone. However, the managers of AXP Diversified Equity Income Fund believe...

AXP High Yield Bond Fund

Risk is a factor when considering different types of investments; in high yield, risk is at the core of the category. To meet their goals, high yield investors need investment research resources and reliable risk control tools. The portfolio team of the AXP High Yield Bond Fund applies...

AXP Diversified Equity Income Fund

Despite the market’s run-up in 2003, Warren Spitz believes there are still opportunities to find value, and even “deep value” opportunities. Since he took over American Express’ Diversified Equity Income portfolio three years ago, the fund has remained in Lipper’s top quintile in the Equity Income category for the year-to-date, 1-year, and 3-year periods.

Emerging Quietly

February 1, 2003

Seligman Emerging Markets Fund

Although down roughly 3.5% as of Nov. 30, the Seligman Emerging Markets Fund's manager, Daniel J. Barker, thinks that foreign markets are quietly emerging from a global slump and could outperform the markets in developed countries if that growth perks up.