Why TickerFunds?

Selecting a mutual fund requires much more than historical performance.

For decades investors and advisors have been forced to rely on backward-looking data, struggling to choose funds that allow them to meet their investment goals.

TickerFunds enables investors to go behind returns and develop a better understanding of investment philosophy, process and risk management – the pillars that ultimately drive fund performance.

Since 1999, TickerFunds has interviewed more than 1,000 portfolio managers from nearly 450 fund families for our comprehensive knowledge base of Q&A-based fund profiles.

We believe that investors are better off picking funds on the basis of investment philosophy and process as they seek to match funds with their personal long-term objectives and risk tolerance.

With TickerFunds, selecting a fund is all about performance drivers, not returns-based models or arbitrary ranking systems.

What is Our Process?

Over the past 20 years, we have continued to develop new tools through the fund profiles based on our structured and consistent interview process.

With the help of our proprietary keyword indexing system, investors can screen for funds that match their specific goals and selection criteria. No two funds are alike, and we created our keyword dictionary with that in mind.

Our proprietary tools allow investors to compare mutual funds with ETFs to identify funds with a history of generating alpha. Evaluating the performance of different actively and passively managed funds is just a few clicks away.

Our comprehensive list of investment strategies makes it possible for advisors to discover funds with approaches to investing that are most appropriate for their clients’ goals.

Our Evolution?

1999 – Developed a structured process for fund manager interviews

2001 – Published first series of mutual fund Q&As

2006 – Released TickerFunds.com version 2.0

2008 – Launched mutual fund categorization

2012 – Introduced investment theme reviews

2017 – Designed a proprietary keyword-based investment dictionary

2018 – Released TickerFunds.com version 3.0 with advanced tools and comparison tables for mutual fund vs. ETF analysis

2019 – Implemented new modules with keyword indexing, investment strategy classification and absolute return objectives