Latest Interview Based Profiles (1000)

Principal SmallCap Fund

Although financial markets are inherently fragile, companies that provide improving customer experience through positive change are bound to generate wealth for shareholders. Philip Nordhus, portfolio manager of the Principal SmallCap Fund, and a team of analysts look to identify early on companies with such characteristics and with the potential to generate enduring growth rates and profitability.

$700 million

Delaware Smid Cap Growth Fund

As disruptive change can create a new set of winners, shareholders can find it rewarding to invest early in such leaders with long secular trends. Alex Ely, portfolio manager of the Delaware Smid Cap Growth Fund, and a team of analysts follow a disciplined process to identify a list of likely long-term disruption winners for their concentrated portfolio.

$1.8 billion

FAM Dividend Focus Fund

While most dividend strategies focus on the same pool of large-cap companies, the FAM Dividend Focus Fund takes a different approach, with more exposure to the mid-cap space, where companies and dividends tend to grow faster. Running a concentrated portfolio of only about 30 names, fund manager Paul Hogan stresses the importance of selecting competitive, financially sound businesses and holding the winners for the long term.

$454 million

William Blair Large Cap Growth Fund

Managing a concentrated portfolio requires high conviction in the stock selection. James Golan, co-portfolio manager of the William Blair Large Cap Growth Fund, emphasizes quality growth, industry knowledge, and a deep analytical mindset. The fund aims to invest in companies with structural advantages over the next three to five years, identifying industries with secular growth drivers and companies that are expected to lead these industries.

$254 million